Rotor Shaft Common problems And Repair

Rotor Shaft driver shaft
It is the axis of Rotor Magnets
shaft wear and tear during use common equipment problems, mainly caused by the characteristics of the metal shaft: metal Although high hardness, but the yield is poor (can not recover after deformation), poor impact resistance, fatigue resistance is poor, can easily lead to adhesive wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear, fretting wear. Most of the shaft wear is not easy to detect, only there the machine high, beating amplitude, abnormal sound, etc., will cause notice, but to the people when they are found, most of the drive shaft are worn, resulting in machine downtime.
Traditional repair methods
Internal, shaft wear is generally used welding, inlay sleeve, playing pitting and other methods, but the shaft is made of 45 steel (quenching), if only the use of welding process, it will produce a weld stress , in heavy load or high speed case, the shoulder may be cracks in the Rotor Shaft as well as the phenomenon of fracture, if we adopt to stress annealing, are difficult to operate, and the processing cycle is long, maintenance costs; when the shaft is made of HT200, the welding of cast iron is not ideal. Some service companies will use high technology, brush plating, laser welding, micro-arc welding or cold welding, etc., these techniques often require a higher maintenance requirements and high costs.
The latest maintenance methods
For more repair technology, Korean and Japanese companies in Europe has been less common in developed countries generally use polymer composite materials technology and nanotechnology, polymer technology field operations, to raise the service efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs and maintenance strength. Which is the most widely used U.S. Ka Wah technology system, compared to traditional techniques, metal polymer composites with both the required strength and hardness, but also do not have a metal yield of the (variable relationship), you can ensure maximum repair parts and with components with dimensions; the same time, the use of composite material itself has a compressive, flexural, Elongation, comprehensive benefits, can effectively absorb the impact of external forces, resolve great bearing on the shaft and the radial offset impact, and to avoid the possibility of a gap there, thus avoiding the equipment due to the increase of the gap caused by the secondary wear.
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